Thursday, February 19, 2015


With a layout a day to make and other commitments...I am finally ready to post the latest.  I am savoring our Scrapbooking theme this month of "Once Upon a Time".  My "met" Lain Ehmann at Big Picture Classes and have climbed aboard the ScrapHappy train of scrappy sisters all over the world.  One of the joys of online communities is that it never "close".  I keep late hours sometimes if I am feeling creative...but that works out fine when some of the girls are in Europe and Australia.

One of the reasons I have become involved is because Lain was the first one to push me to tell "my story".  Not just my guys, our family, the baby years, the school season...but my story.  It always felt so self centered, but then my cousins Cheryl and Carol found old family photos that had been stuffed in a suitcase.  Our fathers family photos...and so many we are having a hard time placing the who, what and whys.  Such a shame when some of the photos are fun. My goal is to scan and scrap them at some point. We have some fun family stories from Grandma and John Dillinger to Grandpa taking car of Al Copone's men at his 24 hour service station.  Good stories.  I want to get them down as Dad Uncle Mel told them.  Dad is gone now and Uncle Mel's memory is failing - so time is short.

This LOAD - I am pressing to finish layouts before Walker graduates in May, so you will see a bunch of Walker. This if boy/manly layouts are your thing...check back.  It is a bit of my trademark to add sparkle  - even to boy pages. I, also, like a touch a yellow whenever possible.  It worked for Van Gogh, right?

I didn't want to focus on the Halloween part of this picture. I chose more personality traits and the soundtracks Walker and Chase truly enjoy.

Another personality page using photos from our first attempt at senior photos last fall.  We didn't do many but we did get some of the colors so trademark of the Midwest in the fall season. As usual...the shots I just shot on a whim turned out to be some favorites.  Again...a personality capture.

What photos do you love that you can use to tell a story that needs to be told? What personality traits and "likes" or "dislikes" have been unrecorded?

Thanks for visiting.