Monday, May 27, 2013

Beach Motel...

The LOAD prompt for yesterday was "Psycho" like the Alfred Hitchcock movie.  I went with a scary hotel experience. :)  What a time we had!  I hadn't scrapped this initially...but then decided that it was a big part of the memory and the fun looking back. Keeping it real in our scrapbooks is good.  Life, love and family are good...but sometimes messy. Sweet...but it has it's moments.  It is the real life I want to capture. What "real life" moment have you scrapped?  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Life Lessons from the Ballroom...

The Ballroom is a room on the clue board and one of my assignments as a featured artist for Lain Ehmann's LOAD513 "Get a Clue".  I was so excited that I had pictures of us dancing at a wedding. The groom was the son of some of our dearest friends, Timm and DeAnn.

The pictures included on of Timm's parents.  A just weeks after the wedding - Timm's dad died suddenly.  He went to change clothes for church and was gone in an instant.  Wayne was friendly, loved by many and loved Karen, their two sons, daughter's in law and the grandchildren.  He seems strong, passionate and healthy...and then in an instant - he was gone! I was so glad I had  pictures to print for Karen and the boys. Wayne and Karen were smiling after completing their dance - being honored for their many years of marriage.

Marriage is such an adventure!
As for product...I used a Bohemian Spirit kit from Lasting impressions.  I also used a Halloween kit because the colors and embellishments were perfect!  I love using products "outside of the box" ways they were meant to be used in.  What products have you used 'out of context'?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Girls...on the runway

An impromptu runway walk with my nieces.  They found a great sale on special occasion dresses and cleaned up!  They are good to go for many occasions and they didn't spend very much.  They are so resourceful.  Good shoppers. They gave me a little runway show and I grabbed the camera.  Love this photos because it was just an ordinary Saturday in the summer. :) Grab the camera and shoot something ordinary.  See where it takes you.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Modus Operandi

Today's theme is terminology.  What is my method of operating when it comes to scrapbooking?  This layout was more fun than I can put into words.  I enjoyed every minute of making it come together.  The chance to use my favorite villian- Ursula- was a bonus...and my SIL Jan made the page, too.

How do you bring a page together.  Your M. O. is a story worth telling.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday I spent the day back home with my Mom, Sister-in-Law Jennifer (and one of my best friends) and my nieces, Ciara and Kenzie. We shared an incredible morning at the Open Bible Mother's Day brunch.  The men served and it was so nice  to be waited on.  The program was a delight to the eye and the soul, the food was to be savored and the conversations priceless.  There is no time like the present to share special moments.  I love these women.

I have the best sister-in-laws on both sides of my family.  How did I get that blessed?  On the Smith side- they have loved my husband and taught him about women. The women the Smith men have given me as sisters are a collection of personalities and interests that add a richness to our world. I only wish our times together were more frequent and distance didn't separate us.   On the Lindgren side,  my mother's gentle ways are a tough act to follow.  She is truly one of the most loving, accepting humans on the planet. My Sister-in-Law Jennifer has loved my brother with all of her heart and raised some amazing young women in an age when so many struggle to find their way.  I am so grateful I have been able to be a present active part of their lives.  "Fairy Godmother" is one of my favorite titles I have ever earned.

If you are a child or fur matter beyond words to the ones who love you, depend on you, learn from you and find safe rest in your arms.  Savor this day.  You earn it...365 days a year!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Sweet Woolly Mammoth...

The prompt for today was "And Then There Were None"..I struggled with this until I came up with the idea to scrap about my fascination with the Woolly Mammoth.  I love elephants and the ancient mammoth are obviously their ancestors.  Such HUGE creatures - yet- if like the animals we know today they were most likely smart, family oriented and have long memories. Powerful beasts and gentle giants...all in one package.

This is simply for fun - but it tels of "texting" , of a scientific find and gives a glimpse into what I like and find interesting.  Perhaps that gives it value down the road.

I need to get to work on today's prompt.

Until next time-

Monday, May 6, 2013

Need or Greed

National Scrapbook Day was great.  I didn't get to spend the entire day scrapping...but I did make a page based on our LOAD513 prompt...based on the Clue Game...the prompt was "Motive: Greed". Now, no one wants to be thought greedy, but when you look in the mirror or the "Scrapcave" the paper collection is...well...this layout speaks for itself.  What's a girl to do?  I love paper. I hope your day was full of fun, family and something scrappy.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

On this National Scrapbook Day - I am bringing out this Layout from LOAD213...we were to write a love letter to a prized possession. I have never posted it to my blog but today seemed right. How could I scrap without my pictures?
Today's prompt is "Greed".  This camera always makes me feel a bit spoiled.  It is more than I need so I try to protect it and use the bells and whistles to justify my having it.  It does take the best pictures.  

Memory...this quote from "The Wonder Years" is really priceless. My style is "Photo-Journalism".  I don't know if that is officially a style - but it is the best I can come up with.  I love to take photos at events but beyond a party or celebration - it is the relationships between the people.  The stories they share.  They laughter, the fun and the tears when sad days come.  These are the things that make us human.  It is in these relationships that we grow, become, dream, change directions and fully live the life God gave us.  I hope you capture a story today.

Friday, May 3, 2013 the kitchen

Love is the Kitchen.  Since the beginning of time, women have found a kinship working side by side in the kitchen.  I couldn't resist telling that story here.  Three generations...Mom and Aunt Helen...Jennifer and Me...and Ciara and Kenzie.  All ages...all abilities...side by side.  What a great memory we made on this Easter weekend.

The kitchen really is the heartbeat of a home.  We all find comfort, nourishment and companionship different than any other room in the house.  I am glad for the LOAD prompt..."in the Kitchen" to stir up this story.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Walker...gotta love him!

What is not to love about Walker?  He is so funny and full of life.  The LOAD513 "Get a Clue" based on the Clue game... prompt for today was "Dagger" or "Knife" so twisted it to work with these recent photos.  Using descriptions like "Slice of Life" and "a cut up" made me feel like I worked the prompt for day two of LOAD513. 

This layout is clean and not embellished...but it is DONE!  I didn't want to distract from the photos telling the story - so I kept is simple.  We have so much fun when we are together, but the time flies so I capture the memories in photos and keep them safe.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WHITE...the first "prompt" for LOAD513

 I am so excited, honored and humbled to be a featured artist for Lain Ehmann's LOAD513- Get a Clue. I still feel the need to do a "LayOut A Day"- even on the days I am today. 

We are using the "CLUE" game for inspiration and today was- "Mrs. White" - Mr. Boddy's long-time housekeeper and cook.  It is a COLOR prompt - WHITE is the theme.  I have included my feature page and the one more to keep my goal of one layout a day until May 31.

Both layouts tell of my love for WHITE! 

The "White Out" layout is part of my goal to do some scrapping about faith and my many blessings. The other is insight into my personality. Both were fun to capture.  

I have been asked about the Glitter Alphabet...Ettes and Co by Fayette is the designer.  Christmas Carols Alphabet in Silver. I purchased it from Memory  Mixer/Lasting Impressions...which I use for my digital pages. I use some PSE but Memory Mixer is so user friendly.  There are four glitter alphabets - pink, green, silver and red in the set. Fun stuff!

Hope your May 1st is a great one.