Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Sweet Woolly Mammoth...

The prompt for today was "And Then There Were None"..I struggled with this until I came up with the idea to scrap about my fascination with the Woolly Mammoth.  I love elephants and the ancient mammoth are obviously their ancestors.  Such HUGE creatures - yet- if like the animals we know today they were most likely smart, family oriented and have long memories. Powerful beasts and gentle giants...all in one package.

This is simply for fun - but it tels of "texting" , of a scientific find and gives a glimpse into what I like and find interesting.  Perhaps that gives it value down the road.

I need to get to work on today's prompt.

Until next time-


  1. This is soooo fun! Love it!!! Great photos and awesome journaling as usual!!!