Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Girls...on the runway

An impromptu runway walk with my nieces.  They found a great sale on special occasion dresses and cleaned up!  They are good to go for many occasions and they didn't spend very much.  They are so resourceful.  Good shoppers. They gave me a little runway show and I grabbed the camera.  Love this photos because it was just an ordinary Saturday in the summer. :) Grab the camera and shoot something ordinary.  See where it takes you.


  1. Wow, absolutely gorgeous job on both of these! Those dresses are both amazing! How fun is that???!!!

    1. Debbie...they bought seven dresses and 2 pairs of shoes for under $200! Some girls spend what we feel is insane amounts on dresses for dances. I am so proud of them. Thanks for all the comments. They make my day.