Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When I think of Home...

Today - my home is where my guys are, but there is also that place I come from and return to for a connection that is hard to put into words. This layout was a response to scrap  "something from your childhood".

It was fun to use this photo.  My "home place" looks so different now. The old barn and corn crib or gone- replaced by grain bins. The house is now white and bigger.  Still - some things stay the same.

The lane is long...very long...the trees i watered as a child are HUGE and line the drive. Many of the trees have been lost to lightening - bless those old, tall cottonwoods- but the sense of "this is where I came from" remains.

Growing up country was a blessing.  I learned the value of work and self-entertainment.  My siblings were my friends because they were all I had ( and cousins). We played in the "creek" or "crick" as we called it.  We dared not say, "I'm bored" or there was a job assigned.  We danced in the rain...made pottery from the clay in the creek...rescued animals...watched kittens being born...climbed anything we could figure out how to scale from barn rafters to trees. The memories of that season are priceless.

Where do you  come from?   That is a scrappy kind of thought. I'd love to see.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Home...My Valentine's Thoughts

This is my LOAD(LayOut a Day)14 - done on Valentine's Day...I am going to have 28 layouts before the end of February and it is SWEET to get that much done.  I have been using mostly digital- due to the time restraints in my day, but I see that as an opportunity to create with a new medium.  Home was the prompt.  I have another one of my childhood home I will post later - but this goes with it being still close to Valentine's Day.

I hope you had a day filled with Happy Hearts at Home.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

God's Glitter...

Winter...blah...dreary...not my favorite season. But in the midst of the short days and bone chilling cold - the occaisional ice storm reminds me that God made all seasons and each one has it's beauty.  

An ice storm... in spite of the dangers and power outages that come with a beautiful thing.  I had these photos and wanted to use them together.  "God's Glitter" seemed to be the appropriate title.  I fully intended to take a black and white Ansel Adams approach , the red paper and the colorful embellishments jumped on the page and seem right.  

Enjoy your Sunday.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Scent of a Winter....

As I said before...I am doing the February LayOut A Day (LOAD213) with Lain Ehmann, my S-I-L Jan and her friend (and now mine) Dani Taylor.  It is my second round at LOAD and I am loving it.  The deadline of one layout a there is no consequence if you don't get it done...but those who know me know...I want the "A" in the class!

This daily goal forces me to make this hobby, art and passion a priority.  I have so much in my stash that I need to use - and I want to grow my digital skills - so you will see both.

Five Senses Friday is my favorite day in a LOAD.  I get to use so many adjectives when I journal about any of the 5 senses that I am nearly giddy with excitement awaiting the prompt.  This Friday was SMELL.  Oh boy. That was an endless opportunity to elaborate on of me many scent driven quirks.  Puppy breath...clean laundry...fresh turned black soil...fresh cut alfalfa or grass...Harley exhaust (the motorcycle not the dog) and my nose that tunes into fragrances and perfumes like a blood hound.

Where did the prompt take me?  Well...since I worked and had a great evening with my family...when I hunkered down to create - it was about time as much as inspiration.  I had been thinking that winter in Illinois is slipping away - and although it is not my favorite has it's own sense of beauty and wonder.  I knew what I needed to grab to finish my LOAD Day 8. A winter photo was the perfect choice. The title "Scent of a Woman" from the movie...I believe Al Pacino is in it...could easily be twisted into "Scent of a Winter" and in less than an hour - I had a completed layout.  What a great way to end my day.

I hope you enjoy the finished page.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Practically Perfect in Every Day!

There is a "practically perfect in every day".  Lain's LOAD213-Day 2 prompt was to capture our perfect day. As I started pondering what that would be- I kept returning to the perfect parts of every day...or at least a good number of them.  

This was a layout that has captured my life- right now.  Keurig's are will be something else in a few years.  

Some things mentioned are timeless. It will be fun to see what changes and what stays the same. 

Savor the perfect part of your day today.  Superbowl fun is ahead and a birthday in the house. I need to take some pictures!  Have a fantastic day.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

She's a God Girl!

It is the first day of LOAD213 with Lain Ehmann.  I am taking this second journey with her to complete a LayOutADay!  My sweet Sister-in-Law Jan encouraged me to join her in May.  I got to know her co-worker Dani Taylor and Dani's mom, Toni.  I loved getting to know some of the scrapbook artists (like you Debbie P.) and so many other.  I have been inspired long beyond last May. 

Our first prompt - we get a new one every day- was Speechless.  Lain took away all words for the challenge.  Me without words.  The horror!  I love that she drives me outside the box. I knew I needed an amazing picture.  My guys send to run from the camera - so my LOAD may include many other people in my life.  We will see how the month evolves and what story needs to be told.  

Ciara took this self portrait - she showed me where and how she did it.  She surprised my  by how much she has absorbed in our photo shoots when she has been my model.  She gets that natural light is what we always chase... and she found it defused.  The nailed it.  This was the perfect photo for the "speechless" challenge. 

I had a privilege of attending Winter Jam in Peoria as a guest of Matthew West. A special person in my world inspired the song "One Last Christmas". I met Jamie Grace, TobyMac, and ran around with Matthew's sweet wife and his Dad.  It was a night I will never forget.  Jamie's song, "God Girl" fits this photo.  I was singing it as I completed this simple layout.  "I'm a GOD Girl, that's who I be...from the top of my head to the soles of my feet."  It is a great song- full of fun. I may add the words later - but I followed the directions.  I hope the photo says it all. 
Have a great day.