Saturday, February 2, 2013

She's a God Girl!

It is the first day of LOAD213 with Lain Ehmann.  I am taking this second journey with her to complete a LayOutADay!  My sweet Sister-in-Law Jan encouraged me to join her in May.  I got to know her co-worker Dani Taylor and Dani's mom, Toni.  I loved getting to know some of the scrapbook artists (like you Debbie P.) and so many other.  I have been inspired long beyond last May. 

Our first prompt - we get a new one every day- was Speechless.  Lain took away all words for the challenge.  Me without words.  The horror!  I love that she drives me outside the box. I knew I needed an amazing picture.  My guys send to run from the camera - so my LOAD may include many other people in my life.  We will see how the month evolves and what story needs to be told.  

Ciara took this self portrait - she showed me where and how she did it.  She surprised my  by how much she has absorbed in our photo shoots when she has been my model.  She gets that natural light is what we always chase... and she found it defused.  The nailed it.  This was the perfect photo for the "speechless" challenge. 

I had a privilege of attending Winter Jam in Peoria as a guest of Matthew West. A special person in my world inspired the song "One Last Christmas". I met Jamie Grace, TobyMac, and ran around with Matthew's sweet wife and his Dad.  It was a night I will never forget.  Jamie's song, "God Girl" fits this photo.  I was singing it as I completed this simple layout.  "I'm a GOD Girl, that's who I be...from the top of my head to the soles of my feet."  It is a great song- full of fun. I may add the words later - but I followed the directions.  I hope the photo says it all. 
Have a great day.  

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