Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cousins: Christmas 2012

Cousins...that look like brothers and sisters. Their blue eyes...that have an ethnic look...outside of their very Swedish and German heritage (That is a scrapbook page i need to consider creating.) stand out in most photos.  They love being together . 

We worried that being opposite sexes, they would not be close.  We did our best to make sure they saw each other as often as life permitted.  When we are together- it almost always a huge slumber party...with very little sleep! We used to joke that "someone always ends up sick" due to the exhaustion that came trying to squeeze every minute out of our time together.  It was worth it- to see them now!  

They are now teens and young adults. They still savor the time together.  They still stay up later than they should - but I wouldn't change a thing.  

I wish the guys were able to spend more time with their Smith cousins...but they are stretched out from Michigan to Florida including Alaska and Hawaii. When they do get together - it is always a great time- but there is simply not enough time. 

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  1. Awesome photo of the four of them! That is great they get along so well. They will have many cherished memories. Love the snowman/tree in the background of your photo!