Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kiss me in the rain...

Remember that amazing moment in Sweet Home Alabama at the very beginning of the movie...where it is a flashback to childhood...and she says; "What you wanna marry me for anyhow?" He never misses a beat with his brutally honest and equally sweet reply..."So I can kiss you anytime I want." I just adore the way the movie brings that scene back as adults with a total role reversal.

May and June...weddings abound. Romance is in the air.  I am actually shooting a wedding in June - something I rarely do (as I am not sure I feel qualified) but the couple likes my style and I can't wait to capture more of them.  We did a trial run with the engagement shoot. Here is a shot I loved that embraced my movie quote:
 Seriously...can you feel the love?  I can.  Becca and Shane are so in love and the sweetest thing I see is that they seem to really KNOW each other...a bit like Melanie and Jake.  They dated  and have been engaged long enough to really, truly know each others strengths, buttons and joys.  They are precious. I pray they treasure the gift they have found in each other.

The bottom layout - my Claire (a ScrapHappy pal) had asked about. She wanted to know how I caught the photo...did I send them out in the rain?  Truth is...I might long as I had covered shelter for my camera- but the day was full sun.  I am shy of any full sun shots - but we got some great ones that day. (Hit those manual settings just right) As I was reviewing the shoot - I had come upon the quote below:
For what it's worth, you can drag me outside just to kiss me in the rain, anyday! I had to use that quote and make the photos worth.  TO THE RESCUE: the DailyDigi, I believe had this rain overlay in one of the monthly downloads.  I used  dark vignette around the edges to give the stormy feel to the sunny day.  Seriously - in Illinois where the weather changes almost instantly - sun and rain happen.  Rainbows are not that uncommon but always savored.  I really enjoyed making these layouts. I hope you enjoy them, too.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Side of the Story

I pulled this old story out of my Kindergarten days. I never thought to write it down until Lain challenged us to talk about our memories from school days.  I took me awhile and then when it hit was a fast layout. 

Telling the old stories is a part of why I love scrapbooking.  It is a way to package up our memories and pass them down.  

I still see most of my Kindergarten boys every now and then.  I love that small towns are tight knit.  Even though I no longer live near them...they are there...except Marty who lives near me. :)

Another fun LOAD tale told.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

525,200 Minutes...

It is nearly graduation and what I get done for Ciara's book will have to be complete.  I have savored every moment of shooting her photos, reflecting on her lift this first 18 years and savoring the young woman she has become. The LOAD challenge for Day 8 was "The Soundtrack of your Life" - Easy!  Music is such an important part of my life that choosing just one was the hard part.  Then I realized I hadn't scrapped this particular photo for Ciara (my niece) and she graduates from High School this month.

Seasons of Love from Rent has long been a "soul song" for me.  I didn't expect to make another page for Ciara's  Sr. Album - but here it is. We have lived this year in a season of grief and loss. Her grandfather(my Dad) died in April 2013, then a 14 year old cousin who attends school with her was hit by a semi and killed in June 2013... and in October 2013 (on her 18th birthday) I watched her stand holding my brother's hand as he buried his best friend, business partner and "brother from another mother" after he was killed in a combine accident. Her senior year has not been all magical memories and dances.  She is one tough cookie despite her tiny frame (she did not get the tiny frame from me). This prompt has been  good for my soul...and I hope she loves the page. The background of the photo is a grain bin on our "homeplace" ...the phrase my dad and uncle called their parents farm.

Today - two lovely ladies who matter to me will graduate.  Devon Elliot (my cousin's daughter) and Anna Leander (the new wife of my Jill's son Ryan) will graduate from Olivet Nazarene University - It seems not that long ago, I was where they are today- college diploma in hand and not sure what this new grown up life will mean. They are both smart, sweet and will make a big difference wherever they choose to plant their seeds of kindness and hope. My advice to them the same as it is to Ciara...and my other cousin's son, Nick Wheeler, who will also graduate from High School this month...

"Measure you life in love!"

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Double Ditto...X...Y & Z

The prompt was misheard lyrics...or Mondegreen.  I struggled all day and then someone mentioned Walker in his constant fashion forward trend sitting style of cowboy boots and shorts when he was little.   Then I remembered his ABC song with "Double Ditto" instead of "W".  It was such a fun memory to scrap and I knew just where the photo was that I needed to use.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

You Better Take Notes:

The prompt for this day was "When does life really begin?" When do dreams for the future become our real stories in the here and now?  I found this poem and it captured my heart.  It is a young spoken word poet, Sarah Kay's, "Point B" or "If I have a daughter".  I had already done one layout for this LOAD prompt but this one might be my favorite. No photo - just Sarah's wisdom.  It might become a page in my niece's Sr. Album. I so relate to her words.

I love the line "Find the boy who set the fire and try to change him". Ha!  I really could have been that girl. Sure my love could rescue the boy who wasn't "bad" just misguided. :)  I believe in rain boots and chocolate. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did putting it together.

Monday, May 5, 2014

My Cinderella Watch...

These photos were recently shared by my cousins.  They were found in an old suitcase and are now a great treasure. My parents were NOT big picture takers and most of the photos we have are of cars, tractors and visiting guest.  I have very few snapshots of our daily life or even holidays.  Yes, I credit that with my photo obsession.  The first thing I purchased of any real value as a young adult was a Vivitar 35mm film camera.  It was $89 and it was my pride and joy. It took great pictures, too.

Back to today's tells the story of the Cinderella watch with figurine that I wanted the way Ralphie wanted his Red Ryder Shot Gun.  My watch was not under the tree.  I didn't know Santa had a helper in my Aunt Mary Ann.  This is the one gift I remember from childhood. I can't believe it was in these found photos.  I am feeling very blessed. :)

Friday, May 2, 2014

If These Walls Could Talk...

This LOAD challenge takes me back to my childhood bedroom...and the room I shared with my sister until home improvements gave us rooms of our own.  I made a quick page - due to time restrictions - but at least I got a bit of the story down.

In truth - it wasn't until recently I realized how great sharing a room really was and how much I learned from the experience.  Co-habitation with a sibling is great preparation for marriage.  You can love someone with your whole heart - and they can still make you crazy at times.

I like to think that I first learned about sharing space because I had a sister. I learned to pick my battles because I had a "baby" brother. Sibling are such a gift.

I re-used some photos - I have so few from childhood...but way differently than I had used them before.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

So Past Perfect...time to get it done

This month...I am savoring life as a guest artist at LayOut A Day (LOAD) with Lain Ehmann and my girls over at Scrap Happy. It is an honor and a rush to "hang out" with some of the most fabulous scrapbookers on the planet.  I cannot wait for another month of creating a new layout every day based on the prompts given daily...even though May is insanely goal is one layout or more a day.

My friend Michelle Beeby challenged me to do a mix of digi and traditional.  I love a challenge.  Today is a digi day.  

My first layout - not my greatest ever- but photos that have not been given a place in my album finally were placed on a scrapbook layout.  Our prompt was "in the news" so I figured Walker "getting braces on" was newsworthy.

Live is really in the details...the small stuff...and the little memories that collectively make up the story of our lives.  My Walker looks so little in this photo.  I hope to get past my desire for the "perfect pages" and really get some memories down this month.  Happy May.