Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kiss me in the rain...

Remember that amazing moment in Sweet Home Alabama at the very beginning of the movie...where it is a flashback to childhood...and she says; "What you wanna marry me for anyhow?" He never misses a beat with his brutally honest and equally sweet reply..."So I can kiss you anytime I want." I just adore the way the movie brings that scene back as adults with a total role reversal.

May and June...weddings abound. Romance is in the air.  I am actually shooting a wedding in June - something I rarely do (as I am not sure I feel qualified) but the couple likes my style and I can't wait to capture more of them.  We did a trial run with the engagement shoot. Here is a shot I loved that embraced my movie quote:
 Seriously...can you feel the love?  I can.  Becca and Shane are so in love and the sweetest thing I see is that they seem to really KNOW each other...a bit like Melanie and Jake.  They dated  and have been engaged long enough to really, truly know each others strengths, buttons and joys.  They are precious. I pray they treasure the gift they have found in each other.

The bottom layout - my Claire (a ScrapHappy pal) had asked about. She wanted to know how I caught the photo...did I send them out in the rain?  Truth is...I might long as I had covered shelter for my camera- but the day was full sun.  I am shy of any full sun shots - but we got some great ones that day. (Hit those manual settings just right) As I was reviewing the shoot - I had come upon the quote below:
For what it's worth, you can drag me outside just to kiss me in the rain, anyday! I had to use that quote and make the photos worth.  TO THE RESCUE: the DailyDigi, I believe had this rain overlay in one of the monthly downloads.  I used  dark vignette around the edges to give the stormy feel to the sunny day.  Seriously - in Illinois where the weather changes almost instantly - sun and rain happen.  Rainbows are not that uncommon but always savored.  I really enjoyed making these layouts. I hope you enjoy them, too.

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  1. Oh my goodness, both of those photos are amazing! It's obvious why they chose you to shoot the photos. That is one of my favorite movies. Very cute. Thanks for your sweet words as of late. Your pretty great yourself! tfs