Monday, June 2, 2014

Welcome to Valerie's Point of View

If you are here because of Debbie Piercey or Danielle Hunter ...welcome.  I can't help smiling thinking these savvy scrappers think my blog worthy of a shout out.

I started this scrapbook journey many years ago but I have finally found my niche.  You will see my pages vary in style and design.  I enjoy trends - but I wouldn't say I am a trendy scrapbooker.  For me - it is the combination of the right photo with the right words - I call it "Photojournalistic" scrapbooking- that is my passion.

I have some old photos from grandparents collections - but my mom rarely pulled out the camera without Dad's direction. They thought it was too costly to take a picture for no reason. Now...looking is some of the photos they took when "finishing a roll" to get it developed that captured the real slice of life. that matters most.

God blessed me with way to many words.  I try to use them for good and not evil.  Saving our stories and taking a snapshot of right now makes me smile.  Here is a recent layout made during  LOAD514 with the amazing Lain Ehmann   and crew.

Glad you came to visit.  Please come back soon.

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  1. Beautifully done! You are wonderful with your words! That's why I'm drawn to your layouts! Thanks friend!