Monday, May 5, 2014

My Cinderella Watch...

These photos were recently shared by my cousins.  They were found in an old suitcase and are now a great treasure. My parents were NOT big picture takers and most of the photos we have are of cars, tractors and visiting guest.  I have very few snapshots of our daily life or even holidays.  Yes, I credit that with my photo obsession.  The first thing I purchased of any real value as a young adult was a Vivitar 35mm film camera.  It was $89 and it was my pride and joy. It took great pictures, too.

Back to today's tells the story of the Cinderella watch with figurine that I wanted the way Ralphie wanted his Red Ryder Shot Gun.  My watch was not under the tree.  I didn't know Santa had a helper in my Aunt Mary Ann.  This is the one gift I remember from childhood. I can't believe it was in these found photos.  I am feeling very blessed. :)


  1. What an amazing blessing to have found these photos! I don't think too many people did take very many photos back then. Your layout is awesome!

  2. So great to find old photos. I have a picture of me that looks like the bottom one. It is a wonderful story.