Friday, May 2, 2014

If These Walls Could Talk...

This LOAD challenge takes me back to my childhood bedroom...and the room I shared with my sister until home improvements gave us rooms of our own.  I made a quick page - due to time restrictions - but at least I got a bit of the story down.

In truth - it wasn't until recently I realized how great sharing a room really was and how much I learned from the experience.  Co-habitation with a sibling is great preparation for marriage.  You can love someone with your whole heart - and they can still make you crazy at times.

I like to think that I first learned about sharing space because I had a sister. I learned to pick my battles because I had a "baby" brother. Sibling are such a gift.

I re-used some photos - I have so few from childhood...but way differently than I had used them before.

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