Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Practically Perfect in Every Day!

There is a "practically perfect in every day".  Lain's LOAD213-Day 2 prompt was to capture our perfect day. As I started pondering what that would be- I kept returning to the perfect parts of every day...or at least a good number of them.  

This was a layout that has captured my life- right now.  Keurig's are will be something else in a few years.  

Some things mentioned are timeless. It will be fun to see what changes and what stays the same. 

Savor the perfect part of your day today.  Superbowl fun is ahead and a birthday in the house. I need to take some pictures!  Have a fantastic day.


  1. Awesome job Valerie! I see LOAD is in full swing. I just couldn't do it this time. But I'm very glad to see you did! Fabulous job on your journaling! Love journal heavy layouts! Have a wonderful week!

    1. We are kindred spirits. I adore your work. My face hurts from the big smile that broke out when I saw Stacy Jullian picked you! She knows the good stuff when she sees it. I haven't done a BPC in a while. Trying to balance more work days and less play time. Still LOAD is getting me back in focus. It makes it easier to blog when I have a new page to share. :) CONGRATS from the bottom of my heart!