Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When I think of Home...

Today - my home is where my guys are, but there is also that place I come from and return to for a connection that is hard to put into words. This layout was a response to scrap  "something from your childhood".

It was fun to use this photo.  My "home place" looks so different now. The old barn and corn crib or gone- replaced by grain bins. The house is now white and bigger.  Still - some things stay the same.

The lane is long...very long...the trees i watered as a child are HUGE and line the drive. Many of the trees have been lost to lightening - bless those old, tall cottonwoods- but the sense of "this is where I came from" remains.

Growing up country was a blessing.  I learned the value of work and self-entertainment.  My siblings were my friends because they were all I had ( and cousins). We played in the "creek" or "crick" as we called it.  We dared not say, "I'm bored" or there was a job assigned.  We danced in the rain...made pottery from the clay in the creek...rescued animals...watched kittens being born...climbed anything we could figure out how to scale from barn rafters to trees. The memories of that season are priceless.

Where do you  come from?   That is a scrappy kind of thought. I'd love to see.

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  1. Fantastic photo and fantastic story to be told! This is what scrapbooking and memory keeping is all about! Awesome job Valerie!