Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Inspiration is everywhere!

June is  the month we have made most of our Florida trips.  It has been TOO long since we have seen family and played on the beach together.  Disney is always an added plus.  

Since creative arts are my passion- I am inspired by Disney's genius.  I borrow from their musical scores and quote their characters in my daily life and in my scrapbooks.  

I like the "wait and watch" approach they take at times when a new movie is released.  You never know what what phrase or character that the public will grab and make big.  You can guess..but who knew these seagulls would be a hit!
 Sometimes I find this truth crosses over into my scrapbooking...and even in the scriptures I read.  Sometime...something grabs you and you go with it!  The right place...the right time...the right words can make a difference in saying what you want to say.   

Look around you...listen...take in the colors, the melody and the words you hear.  Inspiration is everywhere!  

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  1. I absolutely adore this Valerie! I am a huge fan of Disney and the magic they create! Fabulous job!