Tuesday, June 18, 2013

He said...She said

The prompt for this page at LOAD513 was CONFLICT! It ended up being one of my favorite pages from the month. We are not fighters in our house.  We are not raised voice people.  We are bull headed and stubborn at times...blame it on our German/ Swedish heritage...but when we draw a line in the sand or dig in our heals...we are hard to move.

Randy and I have a fun disagreement going about audio books.  I say I have "read" it - after I have listened.  He recently discovered the joy of reading and loves his Kindle. He refuses to accept that I have read a book unless I sit an hold it in my hands and read with  my eyes.  We have had hours of fun arguing this point!  I even posted it to Facebook and I won!  He says that is because they are my friends.  Most are his friends too- and he is not on Facebook.

Is there a fun conflict in your world to journal?  Maybe one that is not so fun but worth putting down. Grab a photo you like and tell a story that shares who you are and what matters.  Our big debate is unimportant- but it reflects the fun we have and the way we can agree to disagree. Love stretches and grows with differing opinions.   He has every right to be wrong about my audio books.  :)  Love that man!

Happy Scrapping.


  1. Very fun layout! I like to read, but it puts me to sleep. What we love to do is when we go on a road trip, we plug in a book on CD & listen to it. Sure makes the time go by faster. Hey someone is reading the story!

  2. I prefer the mobility of reading vs. listening to a book. I have listened to books, but I become much more immersed in the world and ideas if I read it. It's much easier to focus on the story, rather than get distracted by my own thoughts, which is what happens if I'm listening.