Sunday, April 28, 2013

I wanna be like you!

Our friends Tonya and Ritchie have had Tyson for many years.  He is definitely an old dog...and a sweet one! Just recently, they decided to increase their family by four feet...and along came Maggie Jane.  She is one of thirteen puppies and a sweetie.  

I was thrilled to take some puppy pictures to treasure these memories for their family.  This photo embraces the way Maggie looks up to Tyson.  He is patient and good to his new little "sister". There are moments she brings out a little puppy in him and in a short time - they both need a nap.  

Our pets are precious and priceless. They add so much to our world. They love us when we are unlovable.  Trust us - even when we have failed them. They are full of personality and make us laugh...and give us a glimpse at unconditional love.  Are they worth the hassle?  We think so.


  1. Oh my heck, this is the cutest picture! The contrast of the older dog & the young pup warms your heart! That is one excellent photo! Absolutely precious!!! Beautiful job!

  2. LOVE this photo and page- super!

  3. lOVE this layout! We have 2 furbabies and don't know what we would do w/o them. My brother had a Jack Russell mix that was 22 years old and Dinky passed last week and his "sister" of 13 years (an Irish Setter mix named Sonja) died 2 days later of a broken heart. I am still crying over their loss. We do love our pets dearly and they bring such joy into our lives.