Thursday, December 15, 2011

Love those Eyes...

Have I mentioned how much I love my Canon T2i? As a serious amateur with a heart for learning and a determination to use all the buttons...I continue to shoot enough photos to make my family insane. Lucky for them - I shoot without a flash as often as I can so they are not yet blinded by the flashing lights. Of course, the learning curve of using natural light has increased the number of shutter snaps they hear. The probably hear them in their dreams...or nightmares as they would likely describe them.

This shot of my youngest man was "winterized" with a Florabella freebie. I love the snow. I now longer have to risk getting my camera wet. I wish I had found the snow overlay before I ordered my Christmas cards. Oh well...maybe next year.

Hope you can slow things down enough to make some merry with those you like best.

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