Saturday, January 24, 2015

"Walk"er Like an Egyptian

As I re-enter the blog world  and prepare for another "LayOut A Day"...LOAD as we call it at ScrapHappy...I grabbed this layout from October's LOAD stack. It is not my best layout ever - but it certainly gets the story on the page and ready to share.

Doing a LayOut A Day in February, May (I know...nuts!) and in October has been life changing for my heart and my art.  I am a completer (except one due to uncontrollable circumstances)  with one layout a day for 28 and 31 days, depending on the month.  We are doing a Pre-LOAD blog hop and I don't want to repeat myself so I will keep this short.

As I look at this page...I could pick it apart...but I'd rather tell you why I find it share worthy. It tells a story - the boys will both look at this and remember the Egyptian unit in 6th grade. Walker will remember my endless stash of costume pieces (due to 20 years of Halloweens in a pediatric cancer clinic).  Even today, they know my costume tubs may NOT be considered for donation. They will realize that Walker's sense of humor and fun never changes.  They will remember the home decor of the time and Walker's size in perspective to the banister.

They will not care that I used brads, washi, gold paint and ribbon...popular items of the day. No - they will squint to see the details in the photo and they will hear my voice in the journaling.

This is why I love this hobby/craft/art or whatever it means to you. Do it because you love it.  If you are finding it a chore...change your focus. Think outside the box.  Everyone has stories to tell.

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