Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday I spent the day back home with my Mom, Sister-in-Law Jennifer (and one of my best friends) and my nieces, Ciara and Kenzie. We shared an incredible morning at the Open Bible Mother's Day brunch.  The men served and it was so nice  to be waited on.  The program was a delight to the eye and the soul, the food was to be savored and the conversations priceless.  There is no time like the present to share special moments.  I love these women.

I have the best sister-in-laws on both sides of my family.  How did I get that blessed?  On the Smith side- they have loved my husband and taught him about women. The women the Smith men have given me as sisters are a collection of personalities and interests that add a richness to our world. I only wish our times together were more frequent and distance didn't separate us.   On the Lindgren side,  my mother's gentle ways are a tough act to follow.  She is truly one of the most loving, accepting humans on the planet. My Sister-in-Law Jennifer has loved my brother with all of her heart and raised some amazing young women in an age when so many struggle to find their way.  I am so grateful I have been able to be a present active part of their lives.  "Fairy Godmother" is one of my favorite titles I have ever earned.

If you are a child or fur matter beyond words to the ones who love you, depend on you, learn from you and find safe rest in your arms.  Savor this day.  You earn it...365 days a year!

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  1. What a wonderful photo! So glad you had a lovely Mother's Day! Lovely job!