Monday, January 27, 2014

A Long Time Coming..."The Last to Let You Down"

This is the page I have been holding back.  When my brother lost a friend who was closer than a brother and  a business partner in October - it was our 4th close/family death in less than 12 months - I finally found the desire to tell this 18 year old story. Part of my reluctance was not so much that it was sad - but that once I told it - it was finished...the end of the story. I was hesitant to "let it go". that song from Frozen is being sung by my resident "earworm". Fellow Scrapbookers...there are no rules!  We can tell it again if another avenue comes along or another medium to try. Our stories are just that...ours!

I want my boys to know that life here is just a blink in the face of eternity but every day counts. I want them to know a little about their Aunt April and how we said "until we meet again". I want them to have respect for the men and women who serve and tender hearts toward anyone walking the path of loss and grief.

Not all pages are happy...because life hurts sometimes.  I think telling the story is a way of healing and holding on to the sweetness of even the saddest moments.

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  1. Your layout is beautiful. It just preserves the memory, it doesn't mean the memory is over at all. Great words to ponder on Valerie.