Saturday, January 25, 2014

...because every day is a gift!

People ask if I think "Scrapbooking" is dying out. My answer is a passionate "NO"! Why? Because we are all have a story to tell.  Does it matter? Perhaps only to our own loved ones, but it does matter!

I was born to a family of story tellers on both sides of my family tree.  How I loved to sit on Great Grandpa Bess's lap and listen to him talk of days gone by trying to see with my imagination what he saw and experienced. The same with my Grandpa Lindgren.  Every sleep over came with ice cream and bear stories.  Then, as we grew older- it was the stories of his childhood in a family of Swedish immigrants that captured my ear and my heart.  I was born to people that chased down fears...worked through failures...and never let their spirits be broken by hard stuff.  I want my children to know some of their stories.

My Dad loved to tell stories, too.  As a young adult I realized that a county grain elevator was the hub of as much gossip as any beauty parlor! Stories new and old were told and re-told.  Without stories...fiction or true life would have no flavor.

I am hoping that my little break from blogging to grieve, gather and recharge has me ready for LOAD214 with Lain, Dani and the crew. Life is short!  We have to tell our stories now. I believe our kids and grand kids..and even the great grandkids will be glad we did!


  1. I don't think scrapbooking is dying either. There are more ways than ever to tell our stories. Lovely post!

  2. I love this layout Valerie! So awesome! I've been thinking about this subject a lot lately. Scrapbooking is definitely evolving, but I don't think it's dead or dying. Take care. Have fun in LOAD!