Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fairygodmother Fashion Sense...

Fashion sense..."Fairy Godmother" to my oldest niece on the eve of her graduation from High School.  This page was from our LOAD in Vogue 10/13.  I love the photo.  Truly a classic look.  I was going for Hepburn. Ciara is a classic. She has great fashion sense.

She didn't love this dress but I bet after a few years and a few kids...she will love this portion of her Senior photo shoot.  She is fresh faced with just mascara and a little lip gloss. She does shine from within. The Layout a Day prompt was about fashion and embellishments...so I turned the page into fashion/life advice.

I hoped to capture the fun and the flavor of the journaling. It is a bit more embellishment than my usual style- but I wanted to go outside of the box. Life is a grand adventure.

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