Friday, February 26, 2016

10 Ways to Love

Year 4-Day 57: Today, I am grateful there are many ways to love.

February is the "love month". Valentine's day keeps thoughts of love, flowers, diamonds and chocolate everywhere you look. As the month comes to an end- here are some reminders that love must be more than the tangible tokens we can give. 

If we practice even a few of these this weekend, it will impact others and lighten our souls. When we ask ourselves, "How can I love them better and love them more?"...look to this list. 

Keeping it simple at the end of a long week. This week, we have tasted deep sorrow and rejoiced in new life in our little world...with"our people". Not our biological family...but "our tribe". Sharing life's difficult and life's beautiful moments...that sometimes collide. The "ugly beautiful" moments and images are rich in relationship when shared.

In my years at St. Jude, I leaned quickly to dislike the phrase "God will never give you more than you can handle." It is NOT a comfort, although meant to be encouraging.  I think it is because it places the emphasis on what "we" can handle. It takes our eyes off of Him. 

God never wants us to sail the ship alone. The "SS Solo" is a ship that is sure to sink. In the deep waters...he rescues. 

He is love. He is faithful. He is with us. He is stronger. He doesn't sleep. He cares for His people. He is present.   

In the trials...and everyone has a story that would break your heart at some time in their life. We learn to press on. We lean on Him and love him more.  Then, we do our best to love "our neighbors" better. 

Today, I am grateful for there are many ways to show love. 

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