Saturday, June 3, 2017

Tougher than Talk

Year 5 - Day 154: Today, I am grateful prayer is tougher than talk.

Oh, we humans do obsess about things. I am starting to think that sin's constant companion is worry. Think about it.  Sinning things are often hidden things... except those done in bold defiance. Neither is a wise choice in the face of a holy God. 

Worry causes us to take our eyes off the one who knows our every need. It is the thief of peace. It makes us feel anxious when we talk, fret and obsess over things that are beyond human control. 

What if the one who is our enough said, "Enough! Have you PRAYED about it as much as you've TALKED about it?" 

Would I want to refuse to answer because my answer would be shameful?  Probably. 

I have some matters in my prayers that are constant and urgent.I try to keep "prayer triggers" close so I am often reminded to use a quiet minute to pray. A trip alone in the car can be a full blown war cry with prayer, song and seeking guidance. 

And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” -Matthew 21:22

I am reminded of times that the prayer of faithful souls moves the living God to pause... to wait... and to act. His justice is not without mercy, but his holiness cannot tolerate sin. It is a complicated ratio I do not fully understand... and math is hard. 

We can seek his face and receive His grace. We can trust his heart, even when we don't understand his hand. His mission was to save us. Free will... yes, our gift of choice... gets us in trouble. This scripture troubles many the first time a prayer goes "unanswered". 

We forget... God is not Santa Claus looking for good little girls and boys to give the best gifts. Not even close. He is mighty and merciful. He is awesome and fierce. He is holy and love. He is beyond what my human mind can fathom, but my God-breathed soul longs for him like it longs for nothing else. There is a hole in the soul that only he can fill to perfection. 

When Jesus was asked "How should we pray?", he attempted to give them a pattern for prayer. It opens in praise and acknowledgement of God. It presents the situation and the need. It includes confession and repentance for sin. It commits "my way" to "Thy Way." My will is laid at his merciful feet and we learn to embrace "thy will be done." That is prayer. 

How many times to I present God a "shopping list" of the things I want, but don't really "ask in prayer"? As God receives our prayers, he savors the praises and adoration, He acknowledges the needs, He forgives when sin is confessed and he is in full knowledge of what answer will "work together for the good of those who love Him."  When God says, "No", there may be a sweeter "yes" just around the corner... or it may be years down the road. 

We may never completely understand this side of heaven, but we can rest in the knowledge of his love and that his grace is sufficient. He is enough. 

So, keep on praying. 
Keep on seeking. 
Keep on trusting. 
We are strongest on our knees. 
He protects, provides and defends.

Today, I am grateful prayer is tougher than talk.

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