Sunday, February 11, 2018


Year 6-Day 41 :Today, I am grateful a new word... meraki.

The word is new to me. Meraki is a modern greek word. It is pronounced (mAY-rah-kee). It is not just a word for traditional artists, but anyone who does what they do with their whole heart. Meraki is leaving a bit of yourself in your work. 

From CNA's to TSA workers... when we do what we do with heart and soul... something of us remains. Taking joy in our work, whatever it is. Even changing a diaper can be an act of meraki that will imprint on even the youngest child as loved that they are loved and treasured. 

What about the Sabbath? Does meraki describe our worship? To creatively worship with an open heart and wild abandon would be meraki... intimate yet in community. An individual experience, but with others, too. 

Meraki is pouring love into whatever task or job is at hand. It is passion and compassion over prestige or pomp and circumstance. Man tells us to compare ourselves to each other to see if we are keeping up with the Jones. God tells us that he gives us all light, and when we choose to let it shine or hide it. Those who share his light will know His blessings.

'For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.Do all things without grumbling or disputing, that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, -Phillipian 2:13-15

Don't just do the work... but do it for a higher purpose. This is a theme the scriptures teach over and over. When we joyfully choose to make God our boss, it changes how we take on the day. 

The New Testament study I am just looked at the "Beatitudes". Beatitude means "extreme blessedness" or grace. The way I have read and understood the Sermon on the Mount has changed over the years. Initially, it appeared that they were goals for behaviour and those who lived out those instructions from the mouth of Jesus would receive the blessings as a result of their behaviors. 

Doesn't that miss the point of grace? It is not in our actions, but whom we serve in all we do. To act as agents of His grace and love in everything we do is our "reasonable service". 

Let's look at it again. What if the blessing is found in the act of submission and servitude?

In recognizing our spiritual poorness... our need of him... He makes us his children and his kingdom is ours, too.

When we are in mourning... we feel his comfort and nearness in that moment.

When we are meek... strong but under the Spirit's control... we know the earth is His and ours as his children. 

When we hunger and thirst for him... he satisfies us with his word and his presence. 
When we are merciful... we find the freedom in forgiveness. 
When act with pure hearts... we see His face everywhere in the work we are doing. 
When we work for peace, we are His agents, his sons and his daughters.
When we are persecuted for him... he does not abandon us but promises heaven.
When we are called for our faith or lied about... we are in good company. The company of the prophets before us... and Jesus and his disciples over the generations. 

As people of "The Way"... we walk in love, in his creative image and we leave a piece of ourselves and His light in all we do. Meraki is a great word to describe this way of life. 

Today, I am grateful a new word... meraki.

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