Sunday, July 17, 2016

Beauty From Ashes

Daily Gratitude Year 4-Day 193: Today, I am grateful for visionaries who see "beauty in ashes."
We discovered a new treasure. In the old asylum for the mentally ill in Traverse City, MI a man has brought new life to the crumbling ruins. Oh my, it is beautiful.
The underground is filled with shops and dining. The exposed brick walls create a warmth you might think lacking in an underground venue. We wonder what the condos above look like above.
A man with vision to salvage, redeem and restore. The risk and the commitment had to be without reservations. No turning back.
I don't have to work too hard to find faith analogy here. Christ rescues and restore, creating beauty from ashes.
Today, I am grateful for visionaries... and witnessing the transformation that results.

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