Sunday, June 17, 2018

Good Dads

Daily Gratitude Year 6- Day 168: Today, I am grateful for good Dads.

If we want the world to be a better place, we must begin with the family. If a mother is the heartbeat of a home, a Dad sets the mood and the stage. Will it be fun? Funny? Faith filled? Positive? Encouraging? Will it be a place they want to return to when they are grow ?

I am truly grateful for the exceptional Dads in my life. My own feared God,loved the Gospel and the land he worked. The Love of my Life is one of the most hardworking, patient,selfless, genuine fathers I know. Our children adore him.. and so do I. Even now, our boys are men, my heart melts when he is hanging out with them. 

We have great fathers in our congregation, neighborhood and extended family. They are game changers for the children they help nurture.

One of my favorite fathers are the ones who loves someone else's biological child. These men are exceptional. They bring hope and healing to the children who have suffered some kind of loss by divorce or death.As one song put it, "You were the Dad you didn't have to be.". It always chokes me up, because it matters so much. 

Today, there was a line at the changing table at church in the baby nursery. All men. Times have changed. One thing today's children are experiencing is Dad's who are competent and capable of tending to their needs. I think they will understand more of God's love because they have seen their fathers in nurturing rolls. 

Today, I am grateful for good Dads.

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