Wednesday, June 13, 2018

To Be Loved

Daily Gratitude Year 6- Day 164: Today, I am grateful to be loved.

We are full swing into the weddings and anniversaries season. One of my brother's friends always referred to his wife as "his bride". Doesn't that help us frame a relationship... even years into a marriage. We savor the joy; not just loving but being loved in return. 

Love is not always romance, flowers and fun. Some days... it is work. 

Most of us experience a heartbreak or two, before finding our special person. At the time we hurt, we don't think the sun will ever shine again. Why is it that years later, we can clearly see that the breakup that hurt was really just a chapter and part of the path to one much more suited to share our lives. 

I love this passage from Roman. "The Message" said it beautifully. 

Hosea put it well: I’ll call nobodies and make them somebodies; I’ll call the unloved and make them beloved. -Romans 9:25 (MSG)

To be chosen, loved and treasured... is there anything sweeter? Marriage is one of the ways God shows us what it means to truly love. Sacrificially... putting others needs before your own. Protecting their hearts and their guarding them from things that might wound their souls. 

Love isn't always easy, but it is always beautiful. It drives out fears. It bears all things. I sweetens our celebrations and divides our sorrows. 

Today, I am grateful to be loved.

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