Sunday, June 10, 2018


 Daily Gratitude Year 6- Day 160: Today, I am grateful for puppies.

We wanted a good girl. One that would be loving, sweet, friendly to all and obedient. Turns out... she is kind of pretty, too.

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4 lbs in 9 days. We can almost see her growing. There is, indeed, a bit of Great Dane in her, but we are pretty sure she will be just large... not giant.

A few months ago, I was wondered if having a puppy was going to do us in... as babies and sleepless nights are for the very young. Her sleepless nights were short lived. She learns house rules quickly. Today, I am reminded of the sweetness of a fur-baby.

My friend Donna Davis Roth shared a Dave Ramsey post to my timeline this week. Read it if you love your pets. It made my day. It reminded me of just how much they help us live life more fully.

They keep our hearts tender. We cry over them. We laugh when they are goofy. We celebrate their learnings. They sense our happy times and ours sad. Happy tails make for happy hearts at home.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. -1 Corinthians 13:7

Our little girl is not perfect... but she tries to please... and is perfect for us. She just wants to be with us and for us to give her our undivided attention. She loves unconditionally and celebrates each homecoming. She believes in us, trusts us and loves to be loved. I think dogs were one of His most special creations.

In Frozen, there is a song that goes; "Reindeers are better than people." It always makes me smile because it points out the grace our pets show us and how loving and caring for them grows our hearts and keeps us tender.

Our sweet boy, Harley, is a tough act to follow. It took me three years to even consider another dog. I was getting quite comfortable with the ease of not having the responsibility. It was easy and good. But, the Love of My Life needs a dog. Then, I heard echoes of my Jill saying "What does he ever ask for?" She said the same about Todd one time long ago when he wanted to add a second dog to the house. She said "yes" in love... and so did I. Come to find out... I needed a dog, too.

If looking to increase your household by four paws...please consider TAPS(Pekin IL). There are so many dogs and puppies who need good homes.

Our kids, Chase and Emma, just adopted the perfect senior dog from TAPS a little over two weeks ago. She was housetrained and eager to love and be loved in returned.

Daisy Mae's mother, Louise, is a Standard Poodle/Bulldog mix who was recently returned to TAPS. She is young, had a litter, been spayed and she needs a new home with a back yard.

Today, I am grateful for puppies of all ages... the fur babies who become family and teach us so much about love.

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