Friday, September 29, 2017


Daily Gratitude Year 5-Day 272: Today, I am grateful for imagineers.

That is what Disney calls the dreamers who imagine and then design all the wonders Disney holds. Imagineer. They are creative, but then it takes those with true understanding of the laws of physics and science to bring imagination to life. I think a good number of them have a dose of crazy, too. Because, in that fearless abandon... courage to try new things is born. 

Yesterday, we had our own "imagineer" on staff at our house. TC Gill is pretty amazing.  He did a Cubby bear for our Todd... so when our elm was diagnosed to be dying... Randy was determined to give it new life. I must confess... I was slower to convince. We couldn't decide what to have carved. 

We love the style of Willow Tree figurines. It is the Nativity set we finally purchased after years of looking.  The featureless face leaves room for the imagination to work. We choose the emotion. 

This was a first time for Tim to do this style of carving.  He had created bears, cartoons, animals and detailed angels... but there is a certain challenge in the simplicity of this design. If it were more detailed... there are many places to look to overlook imperfection.  He had to get this right. No second chances when it takes so many years to grow a tree. 

We are thrilled. She is just right. She holds a pumpkin... of course. I see gratitude, wonder and strength when I look at her. We are going to paint her in the Willow Tree style, but I wanted to share her. I think she is beautiful the way she is, but the paint and sealer will help protect her. 

Tim told Randy that sometimes the images fall out of the tree... and other times he has to call them out. She did a little of both. In the beginning... it was more stressful. In the end, the wood is working with him. He said that it never ceases to amaze him how perfectly the grain ends up fitting the piece. I told him that is the God factor. He did not disagree. 

As he carved, it made me think of some of the scriptures regarding potters. What a wonderful thing to give a piece of wood a new life and a new purpose. Not all trees will have this opportunity. Some will become wood to keep us warm. Some may be invited inside as furniture and cabinets. Still, whatever it becomes, if it has a purpose, there is meaning. 

"Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for special purposes and some for common use?" -Romans 9:21 

The "common" pot is used daily. The special ones just a few times a year. Both have value. All the parts of our tree will be used. Some for common things... and the trunk for something more. 

Today the focus is on the "something more". The imagination breathes new life into a dying tree. In the same way, our Lord calls us out to new life and to live it more abundantly. He is the Master Imagineer. 

Today, I am grateful for imagineers.

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