Friday, September 1, 2017

Pain No Stain

Daily Gratitude Year 5-Day 244: Today, I am grateful we can survive the pain without the stain. 

Never, ever once were we promised a pain free life. Pain is inevitable as result of the pride and disobedience of Adam and Eve. They wanted what they wanted... and they suffered the consequences. 

Even as newborns... we want what we want. We have a little one in our world. Mostly, he wants his Mama. She sheltered him in her womb until he grew strong enough to face the world. 

His birth was not the easiest (or the hardest), and being moved to the hallway in the midst of tornado warnings in the middle of labor surely adds to the excitement of his birth story.

 Still... only weeks after birth... the gift of new life brings a joy far greater than any pain or suffering through the process. The very pain in childbirth... Eve's punishment... is full of love, hope and promise. God brings women through the pain, without the stain. 

There is a unique pain for those who desire children, but for whatever reason, can't. These amazing women find ways to walk through the pain... armed with faith and grace... to make children someone else's birth child their own. They are the super aunts, the single teachers, good neighbors... and the foster and adoptive mothers. They are powerful, precious and priceless women in any society. They make a positive, significant impact on the children of every generation. 

Adam... to have to hunt, labor and work to provide for a family... it, too, becomes a source of joy when he can take care of his family well. The work provides good things for his soul. There is satisfaction in a job well done. What he brings home is his gift and his joy to share. Man's punishment is his gift, too. 

We were created to create. We will all have struggles and trials. Our struggles make us stronger, and he doesn't leave us "unarmed".  I don't mean to make it "sexist", but our bodies were designed differently. Men are in awe of childbirth and women have some physically not designed for hard labor. Yes, they can train and pursue it, if it is a passion. But, any way you slice it, men are better designed for hunting, lifting and long hours of labor. 

Then, Jesus wiped out the sin stain and left the Holy Spirit to comfort and guide our steps. Kind of amazing. This life becomes simply "this life". It is not the end. It is not the goal. It is a season to meet him, know him and learn to love him. We're just here to learn to love Him... and each other. 

"God, who foresaw your tribulation has specially armed you to get through the pain without the stain."-CS Lewis 

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.-Ephesians 6:10-11

Today, I am grateful we can survive the pain without the stain.

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