Saturday, July 29, 2017

Boys to Men

Year 5-Day 211: Today, I am grateful for the season of boys to men. 

Babies grow up. That is what we pray for when we ask God to protect them and keep them safe. Still, it surprises us when we blink and the do. No one can prepare us for the rapid pace of the clock after the kids are grown. 

This season of boys to men has it's new set of skills to learn and put in place. We want them to know there isn't anything we wouldn't do for them, but we know they need to try, fly and occasionally fall. Other times... we find that the rolls start to reverse and they rescue us. 

There are times, we sit back amazed at the men they have become. Not perfect, but really good men. Men who know stuff and can do stuff. My computer died on Tuesday (that is why posts have been a bit weird). The Love of My Life put the word out to the Lights of my Life... and they diagnosed the problem over the phone. They were confident they could rebuild it. Stronger, faster... better. (Oh, the Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman come to mind.)

This image is the mess of pieces on the dining room table. Listening to them work together... again... just like they did when they were playing with K'nex, Legos or Marble Works warmed my mother's heart. But, this was a little different.  They were doing grown up things. Respecting each other's knowledge and experience. Teaming up for success and respectfully questioning each other for the best outcomes. 

They did it! My computer is back together and better, faster and more than it was before, but still my familiar old friend. We were fortunate they had saved many spare parts and knew what each piece was when they were looking at it. They knew all the components necessary. My 2008 model had some ancient parts they found amusing. They threw out a caution flag a time or two, then lifted it when a better solution was found. Sweet success. 

For those still growing kids... chin up and press on. You will get through it. For those looking at more empty nests, savor the sweet moments of togetherness. 

For those who have loved, encouraged and invested in other people's children... you are extra special. Your time and energy picked up when their parents was spent. A barren womb does not mean an empty nest. We are so grateful for those who stepped in when we were worn out. You will always be family.

We all need encouragers, guidance, order and freedom to move withing the rules. 

I will never forget your commandments, for by them you give me life. -Psalm 119:93

Today, I am grateful for the season of boys to men... and a working computer.

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