Sunday, July 9, 2017

Deep Roots of Old Friends

Year 5 - Day 190: Today, I am grateful  for the deep roots of old friends. 

What a joy it is to reunite with old friends. Last night was one of those nights. Friends for a lifetime saw their second daughter married. For the guests at our table... it was a reunion of old friends.

What a delight to the soul to sit with old friends. The newest addition... now a friend for 27 years.  We first met her at the wedding of another couple at the table. Rich, deep and sweet moments of reminiscing and making new memories. Lives first woven together by geography, but real friendships grew sinking deep roots. 

Deep roots are a gift that we must work to establish for our children. There is a contentment in knowing we are connected and cared for beyond our own home and hearth.  

I am grateful to Ryan and Brittany for allowing us to be a part of their special day, and to Tom and Lana for hosting a beautiful wedding. It was a time of celebration. 

At our table, we applauded the new marriage and delighted in the seasoned marriages around the table. Old friends in marriages that have deepened and weathered over 25 - 30 years. Any way you mixed us up was a good mix. I am still smiling.

As we grow older, things become less meaningful and time with people you love becomes the best gift ever. I loved this quote after an evening with old friends:

 "and then she knew... that you could be homesick for people too."  

As we celebrated with the bride and groom, we thought about our marriages, too. One of my favorite parts was the speeches. So much love was poured into this new marriage. The parents of the bride just celebrated 30 years two weeks ago... and I cracked up at the father of the bride, Tom, referring to his wife as "Mrs. Frake". It was full of knowing her so well and feeling deep affection for the one he committed to 30 years ago. 

Marriage is good. Like a garden, it must be tended with love and devotion, but it is worth the time and tenderness. 

Marriage should be honored by all, - Hebrews 13:4a

A holy union and new covenant is a time of feast and celebration. This scripture finished by pointing out the holiness of the covenant of marriage and that it must be protected, honored and kept pure. Those who attend the wedding should make every effort to support the marriage, building it up and protecting it. 

God is serious about marriage. He loves when we celebrate his goodness to us. 

They celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness.-Psalm 145:7

Marriage is a perfect commitment to an imperfect person. We learn from each other, protect each other and forgive each other. That is what true love does. 

I wish Ryan and Brittany old friends with deep roots when they reach their 30 year mark. 
Their journey together has just begun. The friends of their youth... some will become friends for a lifetime. They will know the blessing of deep roots and old friends, too. 

Today, I am grateful  for the deep roots of old friends.

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