Friday, July 21, 2017


Year 5- Day 203: Today, I am grateful for fontastic fun!

Years ago, I had a calligraphy pen with changing inks in a barrel. The pen made my handwriting look so special. I have no recollection of it after having kids... so it was a long time ago. A friend from work is a master at fun handwritten fonts and graciously did some of the kids wedding envelopes. I play with fun pens, and delight in the many, many fonts on my computer.

Does anyone else ever get a warning that you have over 500 fonts and the potential of system errors? I did on my previous system. Thank goodness computers keep improving to meet our needs... okay, wants. 

The font we use sends a message. Casual, formal or simply for fun, there is a message in the typestyle we chose. 

When I first started paper crafting 30 years ago - I drove myself crazy matching fonts on rubberstamps. Today, the style and trends lead to mixing and matching. There is glorious adventure is mixing and matching with a flair (a style flair or a flair pen).  

A computer generated font is a great way to practice actually developing a certain handwriting style. Doodlers have to doodle and dress up their penmanship. 

Handwriting is a bit of a lost art. Recently, my dear friend Susan reminded me that she still uses a handwritten shortbread cookie recipe April and I shared from our kitchen from my college days. I don't even think I have that recipe anymore... (hint, hint)... but the handwritten recipe is a keepsake in two ways if it is handwritten. 

What computer font is most like your own printing? Did you know you can have your handwriting made into a computer font.  Google it. I know there are several options out there. 

One of my biggest "Whoa" moments from the scripture was when Moses received God's instruction written in stone.  

Then Moses turned and went down the mountain. He held in his hands the two stone tablets inscribed with the terms of the covenant. They were inscribed on both sides, front and back. These tablets were God’s work; the words on them were written by God himself.-Exodus 32:15-16

Moses throws them down and breaks them in a rage over the golden calf the Hebrew people built to worship while he was on the mountain with God. Leave them alone for any time at all and they find trouble. Yes, his displeasure was warranted, but he broke the stones with God's handwriting. How precious were those stones? What a font that would be to see! 

God sends him back up the mountain, where Moses has to carve out stones just like the ones he broke. Moses is more actively involved the second time around. 

I can't help imaging the God font. I can't imagine going back to one font typewriters. 

What is my favorite font? There is no answer. Like children, each one is precious, unique and makes our world more complete. 

Today, I am grateful for fontastic fun!

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