Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fighting the House

Year 5-Day 208: Today I am grateful I don't have to "fight the house".

Last weekend, we were at our son's house. He was borrowing some tools a new home owner does not always have. Dad was pretty excited to help. It is good when our adult children make us feel needed.

Chase and I were moving some branches and I heard a bird making an awful sound. It was a cry of displeasure and aggression. Finally, I said, "Chase, what is that?" He nonchalantly replied, "That is just the goldfinch. He's fighting the house."

Now, I have seen and heard a bird fly into a window... even a couple of times this summer. Go right ahead and think my windows are that clean. That thought would be incorrect, but flattering.

 This was not the case with the goldfinch. He was at war with every goldfinch he saw in the window, but wasn't attacking.He would fly around the house, squawking at his own reflection, thinking it was the enemy. Hilarious. Loud, but funny. Apparently, the goldfinch is very territorial.

It  made me think about how often I am at war with things I don't recognize correctly or understand.Does God shake his head in disappointment that I am so slow to learn to trust his ways in all of my days?

Hebrews 11:1 tell us that "Faith is being confident of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."

Often, my senseless battles occur when I make mountains out of molehills or perceive something  outside of what is real and true. I am not so different from the goldfinch.

The scriptures remind us that his eye is on the sparrow, he certainly cares for us even more.

Nature is his delight and it worships him. We cost him a soul breath and his blood. Surely, he loves us more.

(Image by Sue Carroll from pinterest.)

Today, I am grateful I don't have to fight the house.

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