Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Obstacle Training Course

Year 5- Day 200: Today, I am grateful for obstacles that prepare us. 

"Obstacles do not prevent you from your calling. they prepare you for it. - Lisa Bevere, Without Rival

How do we become truly grateful for the hard stuff? The obstacles that seem to block our way are real at times. This is no smooth ride. 

Life is full of blessings, but we can't ignore the hard times and trials. To truly find gratitude for the tough stuff isn't easy. How do we discuss it without sounding trite?

Many people work out or run daily. Athletes practice and practice some more. Why? They need to be fit and prepared... and ready for that moment when their bodies and mind are stretched to the limit. Discipline and training make all the difference. 

Learning to give thanks when life places obstacles in front of us might seem crazy, but that, my friends, is our training  ground. 

I love questions that make me think. "What if this hard thing in front of me was the first hard thing I had ever encountered?" I would have no frame of reference as to how to handle it. We learn and grow through the hard things. We are never alone. 

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. -Philippians 4:13

Whatever hard thing is in front of you, don't forget you are never without a defender and advocate. Our Lord doesn't only have our backs, he is our strength and our shield. Bumps, aches, pains and bruises are part of building strength, confidence and resilience.  

Today, I am grateful for obstacles that prepare us. 

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