Wednesday, November 29, 2017

50 Degrees in November

Year 5-Day 333: Today...I am grateful for 50 degree days in November.

Truly, what more is there to says about that? The days are shorter, but the warmer temperatures of the past week have been sweet. Today will be a bit cooler, but a warm weekend is ahead taking the 50's into December. 

Christmas lights have popped up all over... because it is warm enough to get out there and embrace the task. The palpable (thanks Roxanne) excitement of Christmas around the corner is building. The lights are twinkling, and we don't feel the rush to get in out of the cold. We can simply enjoy the makeover to the landscape. 

It is a gentle beginning to winter. I am always grateful for gentle beginnings. Even Michigan family is seeing a mild start to their winter. They, too, have seen some warm day in the past weeks. 

November is wrapping up. December is always full. Good weather is a gift and we can all hope for a gently white Christmas ahead. 

You set the boundaries of the earth,  and you made both summer and winter. -Psalm 74:17

Colder days will come, but not this week. He is stretching the boundaries for us to enjoy. 

Today...I am grateful for 50 degree days in November.

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