Saturday, November 19, 2016

Compassionate Touch

Daily Gratitude Year Four-Day 324: Today, I am grateful for compassionate touch...a hug. (Text my journal prompt #19: What touch are you most grateful for?) 

Sometimes there are no "right" words. 
Sometimes, remaining silent is a gift.
In those moments, compassionate touch can make the difference.

Babies need to be held. 
Children need positive touch. 

Teens find was to touch... through sports and dancing.
Grown-up's need hugs, too. 

This sweet image of a little girl and an elephant reminds us that compassionate touch is a language that breaks down barriers imposed by culture, race or even species. 

At birth... touch encourages first breaths and nursing. At death, touch eases the pain and sorrow of a goodbye. All the touch in between adds strength and sweetness to our days. 

Today, I am grateful for compassionate touch.

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