Saturday, November 26, 2016


Daily Gratitude Year Four-Day 331: Today, I am grateful for for decorating. (Text my journal prompt #26: What form of expression are you grateful for?)

This is the season of Christmas decorations. For us, in Morton, pumpkins are a part of the decor from September through Thanksgiving. From Pumpkin festival through Thanksgiving weekend, it is about pumpkins, leaves and acorns. Then, as soon as the turkey settles... the Christmas tree appears and is ready to bring another year of holiday wonder.

Each ornament is a memory. We prefer white lights, but have gone back and forth between silver and gold ornaments on the crystal tree. We love shine. Some sparkle is always in order. The festive decor brings a sense of anticipation for the holidays ahead. 

Decorating a space is a way of making it your own. It is a chance to express personal style. In truth, it is a luxury. Not necessary, but it delights the senses. 

Our Willow Tree Nativity is a special part of the decor. Lola gifted us with the Creche on one visit. It makes it special. Our dear friend Robin, has added an angel with special meaning. The faceless figurines, somehow, offer so much expression. How? I don't know... but they do. 

The nativity isn't finished until our family figurines are added to the mix. We all worship Jesus. And, for some family nativities ... a dinosaur or two get added to the scene. There is room for all at the manger. It is a slice of happy in the season that I look forward to every year. 

The image is a scrapbook page from a few years ago. 

Today, I am grateful for the ability and the resources to do some decorating.

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