Friday, October 6, 2017

Blue Enamel Roaster

Daily Gratitude Year 5-Day 279: Today, I am grateful for the blue enamel roaster.

There are some images that bring back a flood of memories of growing up farm.The blue enamel roaster is one of them. Yes, it would hold a lovely piece of meat for a big meal, but the best memory is packing it to take it to the field. 

Fall (and Spring) days were long. The men would take to the field at sunrise and work until sundown or longer, if things were going well.

Twice a day... mid morning and mid afternoon... we would pack a roaster full of field food. For the years Aunt Mary was on the farm, we shared the duty with her. We loved helping. The planning and the execution of a farm field feast. 

Okay... maybe it wasn't a feast or fancy, but it was a roaster full of love and support from the home front when our boys were in the field. 

April and I learned to cook making those field friendly trips. We knew just who liked what and aimed to please. The silver percolator coffee post snuggled in the pan and helped keep things warm.  Egg sandwiches were born for field work... not McDonalds. Dad liked his with grape jelly. Not as bad as it sounds. 

I can still smell the shucked corn and the unique scent of soybeans feeding from the combine to the wagon or grain truck. Dad, Uncle Mel and Grandpa were always happy to greet us, but then farm talk would consume them. We were just happy to be on their team. Matt usually negotiated to stay with the men after the morning "lunch". Dad almost always gave Mama a kiss goodbye. Fieldwork is dangerous. 

On the farm, lunch was the snack we took to the field. Noon was dinner. The evening meal was supper. Farm semantics. It took me awhile to adjust to the meal language when I arrived at college. I wasn't oblivious that we did it differently,  but I had to really think about it at first. I had to adjust my use of words common in my vocabulary. 

I wish... in the moment... I had understood the specialness of a life lived by the rising and setting of the sun far more than the clock. It really is rich in goodness. 

Feeding our men was pure joy. This scripture is perfect. 

-For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink,  Matthew 25:35

Teaching this kind of love begins at home. For me, it started with a blue speckled pan.

Today, I am grateful for the blue enamel roaster.

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