Friday, September 25, 2020

Laundry Victories

  Year 8-Day 269: Today, I am grateful when the laundry is put away. 

Laundry is a never ending job. It isn't really done until it is all put away. Sometimes, it feels like it is never all put away. 

I know I could do a serious clothing purge, but I enjoy the challenge of mixing up closet pieces into new outfits. Then, there are the multiple sizes most of us girls have in our closets, because we often change sizes with the seasons. There are times, it is hard to make it all fit. 

On occasion, the laundry is actually all done and put away. It is a glorious feeling. Then, someone throws a dirty shirt or towel in the hamper and the moment of victory becomes a memory. 

I keep thinking I would love to try the capsule concept of clothing to simplify my life. It limits your closet to about 30-40 pieces. Now, there is no way I am going without accessories, but my basic pieces could be limited. In truth, I grab for the same favorites quite often, but I dress them up with new accessories. With fewer pieces, the chances of the laundry being completely done and put away are greatly increased. The Love-Of-My-Life would be THRILLED with that decision, but I am not sure I have the courage to try it for a season. 

My "Dressember" wardrobe is about as close as I have come to a limited closet. The month is spent wearing only my dresses, while raising money to fight against human trafficking. Same dresses... different accessories... all Dressember long. I've survived it. Throw on a dress and go. I do miss the comfy, cozy leggings and a long tunic during the Dressember campaign, but it is for a good cause. So many women and children caught in trafficking only have a few pieces of clothing and no choice about what they are forced to wear.

We are privileged to have plenty to wear and clothing to wash. 

I did a quick scripture sure for washing clothing and this verse popped up. I had to smile. It would be perfect in a laundry room. Let me be clear, it is somewhat out of context, but it so well spoken. 

"and all who sleep or eat in the house must wash their clothing." -Leviticus 14:47

Yes... we all need to know how to wash the clothing … and put it away. 

Today, I am grateful when the laundry is put away.

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