Tuesday, September 29, 2020

National Coffee Day

Year 8-Day 273: Today, I am grateful for National Coffee Day.

Oh, how I love coffee. Water is life... but coffee is joy. September 28th is National coffee day, but in my world... every day is coffee day. 

When I think about the rituals that are associated with the first cup of java, I know I am not alone. The warmth of the cup eases the cool jolt of getting out of bed for the day. The aroma hits you before the first cup is ready to drink. The smell of coffee brewing is a delightful smell, even for some who do not really drink coffee. 

One of my students taught me an easy way to froth my cream at home. It is so fun. I am NOT good at the art... but I am determined to improve my skills. It so pretty. 

Simple gratitude. 

Today, I am grateful for National Coffee Day.

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