Monday, November 9, 2020

Rescued Animals


Year 8-Day 314: Today, I’m grateful for rescued animals.

Most of the fur babies in our world are rescued animals. They have been found, come from a shelter or have some other sob story. None of us are very good walking away from an animal in need. It breaks my heart to see the neglect some animals endure. I tear up at the commercials. Animals, like humans, want to feel safe and loved. 

Our pets teach us so much about unconditional love. They look past our flaws. They show endless patience. The smallest scraps of affection send them over the moon with delight. Some, who have tasted hardship, find sweet contentment in a safe space, a kind human and a warm bed. 

The funny thing about rescue pets... we rescue them and they fill a place in our homes where we didn't even recognize a void. Soon, we can't imagine life without them. Okay... maybe, I do remember a time without a pet... less hair, less mud, less noise and more room in the bed. But, truth be told... a house feels more like a home with a fur baby. 

"Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast." -Proverbs 12:10 

When we have dominion over an animal, we have a responsibility to care for it to the best of our abilities. 

There are days I wonder who is the master and who is the keeper? I, also, wonder... who rescues whom?  

Today, I’m grateful for rescued animals.

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