Friday, November 13, 2020

Brussel Sprouts

Year 8-Day 318: Today, I’m grateful for Brussel sprouts. 

This is one of those days I have to remind everyone this is my gratitude list. Please, feel free to substitute your own idea for the day. The habit of gratitude is good... and for me... Brussel sprouts make the list. 

I grew up eating them. Butter, salt and pepper were all that dressed the Brussel sprouts of my childhood. As an adult, I've discovered there are dozens of ways to dress a sprout! Roasted with bacon, maple or balsamic vinegar provide a modern twist. Yum! Don't knock them until you try them again... as a grown up. 

As you think of the Thanksgiving meal ahead, it might look a little different this year. Why not try something new from the harvest table. To everything, there is a season:

"As long as the earth remains, there will be planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night.”-Genesis 8:22

Simple foods can really provide good nutrition and health benefits. Brussels sprouts, like most leafy green vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber, so they fill you up and satisfy your hunger as well as assist your digestive system in functioning properly. One serving provides 2 grams of protein, too. Brussel sprouts are a great source for Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, folacin and potassium.

Now, I am going to have to add them to the grocery list.

Today, I’m grateful for Brussel sprouts. 

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