Sunday, December 13, 2020

Christmas Cards


Year 8-Day 348: Today, I am grateful for Christmas Cards. 

Yes. They cost money to make, to purchase and to send. Still, there is something special about receiving a Christmas card in the mailbox. I love to sort through the pictures, the notes  and the beautiful cards. I'd love to make all of mine, but time does not permit. I rely on the photo cards. Our families are large on both sides and Christmas cards help us keep in touch. College friends, childhood friends and friends we've made family along the way are on the list, too. 

Every so often, I do a purge of the list by looking at cards received. Sometimes, I have a few extras to send to people I hope will enjoy them. 

Many people have given them up over the years, and I understand why. I do. But, I know the joy in receiving, so I continue to send Christmas greetings. 

Did you know there are some great scriptures to add as closings in your cards? I used to include them in my letters to church camp friends, back when we didn't have free cell phone minutes or texting. Here is one of my favorites: 

"Night and day I constantly remember you in my prayers." 2 Timothy 1:3

You don't have to do very many... but a Christmas card or two is good for the soul of the sender and the recipient. It lets others know they matter. We all need encouragement. 

Today, I am grateful for Christmas Cards. 

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