Monday, December 14, 2020

Jingle Bells


Year 8-Day 349: Today, I am grateful for jingle bells. 

You know the sound! The soft little ring of the jingle bell. One on a cat collar helps identify when a pet is on the move. It works for tiny dogs, too. I associate the sound with horses pulling a sleigh.  

Some bells are loud, crashing and annoying. Jingle bells are gentle bells... melodic and whimsical. I can't imagine the Christmas season without the sound of bells. 

Look at this passage from Zachariah. Bells have been around a long time.  

"And on that day there shall be inscribed on the bells of the horses, “Holy to the Lord.” -Zechariah 14:20a

Bells are mentioned in several passages in Exodus, too, as part of a priestly robes. The "pomegranates and bells" line the priest's robes he would wear into the "Holy of Holies". The pomegranates are little yarn balls, similar in shape to the fruit. The bells would sit between the yarn balls. The priest could not walk without jingling.

"Aaron will wear this robe whenever he ministers before the Lord, and the bells will tinkle as he goes in and out of the Lord’s presence in the Holy Place. If he wears it, he will not die." -Exodus 28:35

I am fascinated with some of the instructions God gives when it comes to worship and general rules for living. I do not claim to have even a small clue about the mind of God. It is way beyond my understanding. I do know the scriptures are full of opportunities for humans to respond to God with obedience or rejection of his directions and commands. 

Does God hear the tiny bells and smile because we listened to his instruction, the same way a parent delights in an obedient child? Maybe, He simply delights in the sound of jingling bells.  They capture my attention and make me smile. Again, I do not know, but it is fun to ponder.

Listen for the bells this season. Delight in their melody, knowing God is near.  

Today, I am grateful for jingle bells. 

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