Saturday, December 5, 2020

Snow Globes

 Year 8-Day 340: Today, I am grateful for snow globes.

How do we know if a little bit of a childlike wonder remains in us at any age? Present us with a snow globe! We shake it up and watch the magic happen. 

Some bubble. Some light up. Some have music. Most have glitter. Some have tiny little elements that take flight when shaken. There is something about a snow globe we never outgrow. 

The one pictured is a treasure. It was a gift from my friend, Julie. Julie and I directed the children's Christmas programs at church for many years. One of our all time favorite programs was one that centered around Ray Boltz's song, "The Perfect Tree". I mentioned the song earlier in the week, because it is one of my personal favorites. 

At the end of the program, Randy had built a "Lazy Susan" platform allowing one of the youth to turn the Christmas tree around to show a cross on the back side, while the children sang the song about "The Perfect Tree". The kids poured their hearts into the singing. It was simply beautiful. 

Julie, somehow, found a snow globe that matched the song. Every year that passes, I treasure it more. It is a perfect keepsake. 

From specialty shops to Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies, Christmas snow globes  often have a role. They are timeless Christmas décor. The gift, the giver and the sentiment come together to make each snow globe special. 

This Christmas, I am reminded that we can be shaken, but in time... things eventually settle down. Kind of like a snow globe. We can't hurry it. We have to be patient and wait. With each shaking... the inside view changes slightly, but for the most part, it is the same... depending on where the snow or glitter falls into place. 

This Christmas, we are missing loved ones we can't see. Some for health reasons. Some are celebrating with Jesus this year. 

Remember Sean Connery as James Bond? His famous line when ordering a martini was "Shaken not stirred." With his recent death, Earworm has been repeating that line (yes, Earworm does more than sing). 

Today, I reflect on snow globes and the "Perfect Tree" that changed everything through the gift of Jesus., "Earworm" has changed it up a bit. "We can be stirred but not shaken." This season, I pray your hearts are stirred by the meaning of the season and the hope we have in Christ. We need not be shaken. We can know peace. It does not matter where the glitter settles. 

Today, I am grateful for snow globes.

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