Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Power of a Dress


Year 8-Day 351: Today, I am grateful for the power of a dress. 

This year, I had planned to not do Dressember, but God kept putting news, information and reminders about human trafficking's in my path in the craziest ways. I said "yes" to His leading and it is "Day 16" in a dress. 

Today, I really wanted cozy leggings and a comfy tunic.  Today... I put on the dress remembering that there are women, teens and little girls who don't have a choice. I wear the dress to remind me of their suffering.

In this COVID season, many are working from home and enjoying sweats for their work day. I go out to work, and today the cold was sharp. I felt it on my skin. I am grateful my dress was long. I get to choose my dress each day. Those forced to work in the sex trades wear what they are told to wear... or not wear. The thought of all they suffer breaks my heart. 

More than 40 million people are caught in human trafficking around the world. About 1 in 4 are children. Human trafficking generates about 150 billion dollars a year. It is big business and the evil is deep. Dressember supports prevention, intervention and protection. Dressember raises money to support the best of the slavery fighting organizations like the International Justice Mission and A21. This year, Truckers Against Trafficking will receive some support, too. Truckers and Airline workers are key in helping identify potential victims. 

$45 provides an hour of trauma therapy for a survivor of cybersex trafficking. $105 covers trial fees for one court case to defend a child who has experienced sexual abuse. $300 provides awareness training for at risk youth in foster care. And that is just the beginning. Dressember funds all of this and so much more. 

When I get start to get tired of a dress every day, Jesus words echo in my ear:

“And he will answer, ‘I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me." - Matthew 25:45

Remember, every missing girl is someone's daughter or granddaughter. Every life rescued and restored is the answer to a prayer... or many prayers. The work is hard and dangerous at times. I can't go out and physically fight the war on human trafficking... but I can wear a dress again this year. 

(Please note that all donations are tax deductible and they send out a receipt for taxes.)

Today, I am grateful for the power of a dress. 

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