Friday, December 4, 2020

Holiday Baking


Year 8-Day 339: Today, I am grateful for holiday baking. 

There is something about holiday baking that warms the house and the soul. I am pretty sure the magic lies in the old recipes, combined with the memories of baking with loved ones. Precious and priceless are the days we spend in the kitchen preparing and sharing. 

Laughter abounds. Love finds a rhythm in the mixing, melting and molding. From Swedish tea cookies (shortbread balls rolled in powdered sugar) to the cereal mixes we have grown to love over the years, everyone has their favorites. As a child, I remember Grandma Maxine making "Grandma Guttendorf's Pride of Iowa" with a variation of chips and nuts to please everyone. It is still a favorite from our family kitchen. 

Joy and contentment are found around the mixing bowls. It isn't just the food, but the fellowship. We savor the samples, and they take us back in time. We love to share them. We know they will be received with smiles and gratitude. A gift of food is a special kind of love. 

I am reminded of God' provision when the Israelites were hungry in the wilderness. He provided them with manna. It had a sweetness like honey. 

"he rained down manna for the people to eat, he gave them the grain of heaven."-Psalm 78:24

God could have just provided them with bread, but he chose to give them something special that was a little bit sweet. He gave it, not just for holidays, but as their daily bread. 

As we take to our kitchens for holiday treats, savor the season... and the reason for the season.  

Today, I am grateful for holiday baking. 

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